Popular Team Building Trends

Popular Team Building Trends

Are you looking for ways to help build a healthy team environment? 

Remote working employees need to be reminded they are part of a team now more than ever. But even if remote work isn’t an issue, team bonding is always a smart move for a small business owner. 

So, what are the team building trends for 2021? We’re so glad you asked! 

Popular Team Building Trends for 2021

Here are some tips on the best ways to get started today, developing a productive, positive environment!

Align Team Building with Your Company Message

In 2021, companies will increasingly look to focus on initiatives to build strong teams that reinforce company messaging. Infusing the company branding objectives into team activities and leadership meetings is a win-win for your business!

Instead of “Fun” Activities, Think Meaningful Events 

Budgetary concerns often drive managers to override team building “just for fun” and force companies to look for meaningful ways to come together. For example, hosting an event that benefits a local not-for-profit, such as an animal shelter. There still should be time for fun, but social responsibility is vital to employees and lets them know what the company stands for.

Integration for Remote Workers

Many staffers are working remotely right now. Keeping your team cohesive will mean finding ways to integrate these workers, and not just having them on a screen during an online meeting.

Planning activities that get remote workers onsite is the best way to accomplish this goal. But you can also get creative with games like scavenger hunts or code-breaking. Having employees work together to compete for prizes will build comradery. When the team can’t all be together physically, rely on apps that are created for this purpose. 

Be Wary of Shortcuts in Staff Development

As we become more familiar with efficiencies (thanks to the technology), we have to be cautious of taking shortcuts in staff development. Business relationships are built on trust and a passion for growth. Take the time to develop that passion in your staff by training and shaping employees before moving them to the next level. The pay off when they feel well-equipped to handle new responsibilities and excited to take on more. 

Adopt a Talent Mindset to Strengthen the Team

So far, the trend is leaning towards adopting a “talent mindset.” That means not only being careful about who you hire, but also developing the people that you already employ. Organizations need to be focused on developing staffers who can be flexible in their thinking. 

You can accomplish this by creating a recruiting strategy that sets you up for success and refines the candidate pool through the interview and selection process. Look down the road a few years to determine how to best fill roles for today, but also for the future. Hiring the right people will be critical to making the most of the opportunities to add to your team.

Team Build Together

Finding the right approach to team building and strategizing about how to take ownership of the process can be daunting. If you feel like this is yet another item on your to-do list and you don’t know where to start, give ActionCOACH Sheles Wallace a call.

Sheles can help you evaluate your current process and put a strategy in place to build a strong team for the future! 

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