5 Tips for Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

5 Tips for Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Have you ever wondered how to build a positive company culture that draws top-notch employees to seek out a position with you? Some companies are getting it right, but there are even more who aren’t reaching their highest potential.

Some companies will offer free snacks or let staffers bring their dogs to work. One company even allows new moms to bring their infants to work with them to promote a family-friendly culture.

If those don’t sound like good options for you, there are other impactful ways to build a culture that will draw great employees to your door.

5 Tips for Creating a Positive Company Culture

Here are some ways to get the wheels turning and help you start building the culture you’ve been dreaming of.

Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a positive work culture begins with accepting that everyone has a role and a contribution to make. Look around at your staff to make sure various groups are represented. If they aren’t, consider revising your recruiting efforts to cast a wider net.

Encouraging the voices of staffers with different perspectives is a healthy way to celebrate differences. Look for employees that are culture adds, not culture fits. That means identifying candidates who share your values, but not candidates who fit a mold.

Make Respect a Priority

Just as diversity and inclusion build an energetic team, employees who know that they are not only heard but valued gives a feeling of empowerment.

And since you never know who the next great idea will come from, showing respect for all contributions means your staff will feel comfortable speaking up.

Establish a Zero Tolerance Policy

Along with knowing they are valued and respected, your staff needs to feel safe in their work environment. Your team needs to believe that they can speak up when facing challenging issues.

Some companies establish anonymous hotlines to give a private and secure way for employees to report problems that occur at work. Zero tolerance will mean following up and addressing these issues.

Consider Removing Toxic Employees

It’s an unfortunate fact, but sometimes an employee becomes toxic to the workplace, and letting them continue to disrupt the culture isn’t helpful. It’s usually best to address the issue head-on, which may involve offering to part ways.

Hanging on to a toxic employee is counterproductive to your success, and may give the rest of your employees the idea that you won’t confront difficult issues.

Don’t Tolerate Poor Managers

If your staff is going to be guided to success, your front-line managers will need to be on board with building a positive workplace. The people leading the teams must be in step with the company values you are working to establish.

One study shows that 94% of employees with great managers report being more passionate about their work. That passion is precisely the reason companies take the time and effort to build a positive culture!

Better Together

And remember, you don’t have to cultivate an excellent work environment by yourself. ActionCOACH Sheles Wallace can help you establish goals and navigate the process of developing a workplace culture that aligns with your core values.

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