5 Things I Learned From Sales Guru Jeffrey Gitomer

5 Things I Learned From Sales Guru Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an internationally acclaimed sales guru, author, and business coach. He writes and lectures all over the world, bringing his tips on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development to everyone. He and I presented at a Sales and Leadership Conference together, and I learned a great deal from the experience.

Here are just a few things Jeffrey taught me:

  1. Be prepared - You can never be too prepared. Practice, practice, practice. And then practice some more! Jeffrey says most people fail to understand that preparation goes far beyond simply having your speech in order. You must practice it, and work on becoming a good public speaker.
  2. Build long-term relationships - Jeffrey says the key to sales is through long-term customer relationships. To build those relationships, get to know your clients. Gather personal information and use it! The difference between just making a sale and building a relationship with your customers lies in this personal information, and what you do with it. The more information you have, the better it is to establish rapport with someone. People prefer buying from, and working with, people they know and can relate to.
  3. Give to others - Jeffrey and I were reviewing our speaking plans the day before our Sales and Leadership Conference. He asked to take a look at my PowerPoint presentation. Not only did he take the time to review it for me, but he also made changes that enhanced my presentation. I was extremely appreciative of his efforts to help me; he made me feel as if he cared about me. Remember Theodore Roosevelt’s famous saying, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
  4. Master the craft of selling - Many people, including salespeople, have a negative view of being a salesperson. If you are selling a product that you truly believe will help your clients, then you have nothing to be ashamed of except maybe being a terrible salesperson and not making an effort to master the craft of selling. Gitomer says you must be a sales crusader! He says sales should be a way of life for you. Incorporate it into your life and embrace its potential. You can double your income if you are committed. It’s all about having a positive attitude, setting goals, and working to achieve those goals. Be dedicated, practice your craft every day, and you’ll see your cashflow increase while helping others achieve their goals!
  5. Be authentic - Finally, Jeffrey has taught me to be real. Every salesperson should strive to be authentic, and the more authentic your customer believes you to be, the more likely they are to trust you and purchase from you. Being authentic in sales gives you the competitive edge.

Jeffrey can teach us all a lot about selling. Follow his tips and you will be a success. You’ll see your customers increase, your cashflow multiply, and your self-confidence soar!

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