11 Ways to Strengthen Your Concentration

11 Ways to Strengthen Your Concentration

In today’s society, many people experience difficulty in concentration. We have many platforms to entertain us: streaming services for movies, TV shows and music, social media, gaming platforms and more. 

These distractions can make it difficult for entrepreneurs to stay focused on their businesses, especially when the task at hand might not be as exciting as others.

However, concentration is like a muscle. If you commit to working out consistently, your muscles will strengthen over time. Your concentration strengthens when you stimulate your mind. The ability to focus is a skill— it is not innate. 

Here are 11 ways to strengthen concentration, even under difficult circumstances:

1. Connect emotionally to the task. Tightrope walkers and lion tamers have no trouble concentrating. That’s because their lives are at stake. But, it’s easy for the mind to wander when it lacks passion for what we are doing. Of course, life’s realities often require us to focus on tasks we don’t like. In those cases, ask yourself, “What aspect of this task do I care about most deeply?”

2. Chart your energy level throughout the day. Most of us have certain times in the day when we are clear-headed and energetic. Use those times for tasks that require the most concentration. Do you work better after your second cup of coffee, or after a mid-afternoon walk? Recognize these moments in time that you feel most productive and use them to your advantage.

3. Remove items that regularly break your focus. This includes family photos, magazines, cell phones and any material that is not relevant to your task. Turn off the icon on your computer that alerts you of new emails. These distractions, though seemingly small, can cost you valuable time.

4. Train yourself not to give in to distractions. When someone enters the room, or when a door slams, consciously keep your concentration on what is in front of you. When someone talks to you, don’t let your mind wander. Listen as if you were going to be required to repeat the conversation verbatim. 

5. Decide how long you intend to work, and what you plan to accomplish. Set strict time limits to complete subtasks. Consider using schedule blocking techniques to section off your time and workload. Ask your spouse or coworker to monitor your progress and to apply gentle pressure when necessary. Sometimes we don’t even realize ourselves when we become off-task.

6. Remember the big picture — but focus on the task at hand. If you keep mulling over the large, long-term consequences of your actions, your mind will shut down to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. What can you accomplish in the present moment, and how will that help chip away at the bigger picture? 

7. Use caffeine and sugar sparingly. True, they stimulate concentration, but their effects last only 30 to 60 minutes. The more caffeine or sugar you consume, the more you will eventually need in order to achieve the desired effects. Instead, try five minutes of light exercise, which will perk you up with no side effects. If you are used to the routine of drinking caffeine, find a type of vitamin water or tea that can replace unhealthy sugar intake.

8. Meditate. It strengthens your ability to control your thoughts. Try focusing solely on your breath going in and out. Start with five minutes per day. Build up to 20 minutes. When your mind wanders, observe the distracting thought rather than trying to force it out of your mind. After a few minutes, refocus your attention on the task at hand.

9. Take breaks. You should be able to concentrate on one task for about 40 minutes. Then take a five or ten-minute break. Periodically shift your sitting position at your desk. This helps keep you alert by promoting circulation and sending more oxygen to your brain.

10. Ask yourself where the block is. If you are chronically unable to concentrate on a specific task, perhaps something about what you have taken on is not right for you. In that case, consider whether you are being fair to yourself by forcing yourself to continue with it.

11. Reward yourself for completing particularly difficult tasks. Something that takes extra time and effort is even more challenging to get yourself to do. Give yourself a reward for completing whatever it is that you seem to drag your feet on more than usual. Whether it be a little “me time” at the spa or just some downtime at home, do something that celebrates your accomplishments. 


Have you done some of these already? Which ones seem easier to do than the others? Do you have other tips to strengthen concentration? 

Like any skill or muscle, training and strengthening can be a long and hard process, but the results are totally worth it. Try implementing one or two improvements a week (or a month) and then increase it to three next time. You don’t have to jump in and do all 11 at once. Remember, taking care of yourself is how you take care of your business.

The way to achieve goals is to start small and work up. It is never recommended to try to do everything at once and strengthening your concentration is no different. 

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